Canvas is life..

" from when I was a child, this art was along with me, whenever I was alone, and in every mood I could calm myself down by it. "

In my opinion, classical art is sacred. It can make our soul beautiful.

On one hand, Painter clarify his/her vision during painting and experts towards thinking positive.

On the other hand, by watching such classical painting a vast and glorious gate opens ahead of the spectator.

Thanks to spend time with classical art, I can see the world from another perspective, I can draw a life that is beyond the reality of this ordinary life.


It is magical that we can draw heavenly beings that may most of us believe in them but don't have this possibility to see and interact with them.

In my understanding, all components of a piece of art are alive and can greatly influence people.

Hence, why we don't make a sacred pure art which can help our world to advance toward higher level of holiness.

I am

Homana Nikooei

Graphic Diploma (2006 - 2010)

Associates College Degree - Visual Arts (2010 - 2012)

Official Member of International Watercolor Society


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