All My Artworks Are

Inspired By Traditions

I am trying my best to revive our true traditional art which is getting paled nowadays. I believe that Classical Arts have these potential to elevate our culture towards to characteristics of a true human being.

Scene 2 - Falling

Traditional Bird and Flower style

This technique rooted in one of the most famous Persian traditional arts which comes from China to Iran.

Recent Artworks

At the moment, I am working on my first illustration book, related photos will be published soon...


Classical Artworks

Classical art is a mixture of reality and imagination. Unlike Real style that only illustrate real things, Classical Art invite intangible components to it is space. 

My Story

Thanks to spend time with classical art, I can see the world from another perspective, I can draw a life that is beyond the reality of this ordinary life.

It is magical that we can draw heavenly beings that may most of us believe in them but don't have this possibility to see and interact with them.


"why we don't make a sacred pure art which can help our world to advance toward higher level of holiness."



You can go on a virtual tour on my previous exhibitions by clicking on each of recent exhibition that I have held.

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5 MAY 2018 - 12 APR 2016

Eshragh Cultural Center

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