Persian Bird and Flower

This technique rooted in one of the most famous Persian traditional arts which comes from China to Iran. Like most of other traditional arts, nowadays it has lost it's attraction among young people. I tried to renovate this style to retrieve it's lost popularity. You can see the changes by comparing them here.

Persian Bird and Flower گل و مرغ
Persian Bird and Flower گل و مرغ
Scene 1 - the Heaven

Classical Art

Classical art is a mixture of reality and imagination. Unlike Real style that only illustrate real things, Classical Art invite intangible components to it is space. It helps me to show what is my inner world to you, what I sense about the true meaning of our life... 

Baby milestone cards

My sister got pregnant recently, So I have decided to give her boy my first gifts as Baby milestone cards.

I wanted to share with you too.

Baby milestone card - month 1
Baby milestone card - month 2
Baby milestone card - month 3
Falun Dafa Hao (5)
Falun Dafa Hao (10)


All of my drawings will be uploaded here.

My First Book

Recently, I have started to work on publishing my first storybook which consists of 17 illustrations. You can check out the whole process in my Instagram account.

I am working on this story book these days...
I am working on this story book these days...
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